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iPhone 8 Hydra (U6300) IC Replacement

When an iPhone 8 no longer charges, it can be the fault of many things. Typically it is the fault of the charging port, but when this is replaced and issues still exist then it may be time to look at the board.

If all the “external” parts have been replaced and tested (charging port/battery) then the fault can be related to what used to be called the Tristar, which has now been updated and renamed to the Hydra IC 1612A1 (U6300)

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iPhone 7 no sound motherboard repair service

We've discovered a "signature fault" in the iPhone 7 series which results in no audio meaning no sound from the ear speakers, loud speakers or microphones. Occasionally this also triggers boot-loops, which is when the phone tries to turn on a fails the hardware check which causes the phone to reboot for an extended period of time. 

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Logic Board Micro Soldering Repair Services

With the aide of schematics, board views and donor parts these repairs are often feasible and much cheaper then the alternative which would involve replacing the whole motherboard, which sometimes can compromise the data on the device, rendering the information unreadable.

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iPhone 6S Backlight Repair

Typically for a backlight to go out on the iPhone 6S would be a result of a few things, 1 being liquid damage on the motherboard causing corrosion and shorting out the backlight circuit which contains a diode, a backlight ic (U4020) as well as few other discrete components. Another way a backlight circuit can go out is also by installing a replacement screen and bridging a few of the connectors on the LCD FPC connection thus causing a short and ruining the circuit.

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What is Micro Soldering?

Often times with smaller mobile devices, a need for shrinking the surface mounted components arises. With the smaller components comes smaller tools. Typically working with components on the 0402 scale and even smaller makes using standard tools very difficult. The scale is literally microscopic; components on a board can be smaller than a grain of rice (hence the microscope)

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iPad Mini Digitizer FPC Connector Repair

Repairing an iPad Mini Digitizer and realized the pins had come out of the digitizer fpc connector? No need to worry! This a typical problem faced during ipad mini repairs and here at micro soldering repairs we love this repair! 

In order to repair this we will remove and re-install a new digitizer fpc connector. 

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iPhone 6 Plus Touch Disease Repairs

Do you own an iPhone 6 Plus and suffer from no touch or flashing gray lines? Have you tried to bring your phone to a repair shop and they were unable to fix the problem. The repair process involves disassembling the iPhone and removing the motherboard to access the touch IC's that reside on the back of the logic board. 

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