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FPC Connector Repair

A flexible printed circuit (FPC) connector is used to connect to circuits together in a device or unit that flexes in a small or confined manner that does not otherwise allow a socketed connection. Often times these connectors are made from a brittle plastic that is not rated for many connects and disconnects, as such they can fail with normal installations. This service is to repair or replace a damaged FPC connector on any device.

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What is Micro Soldering?

Often times with smaller mobile devices, a need for shrinking the surface mounted components arises. With the smaller components comes smaller tools. Typically working with components on the 0402 scale and even smaller makes using standard tools very difficult. The scale is literally microscopic; components on a board can be smaller than a grain of rice (hence the microscope)

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iPad Mini Digitizer FPC Connector Repair

Repairing an iPad Mini Digitizer and realized the pins had come out of the digitizer fpc connector? No need to worry! This a typical problem faced during ipad mini repairs and here at micro soldering repairs we love this repair! 

In order to repair this we will remove and re-install a new digitizer fpc connector. 

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