Micro Soldering Repair Services

iPhone Micro Soldering Repairs:

.:iPhone 5 Series:.

Includes Models: i5/5S/5C/SE

.:iPhone 6 Series:.

Includes Models: i6/6+/6S/6S+

.:iPhone 7 Series:.

Includes Models: i7/i7+

.:iPhone 8 Series:.

Includes Models: i8/i8+

.:iPhone X Series:.

Includes models: iPhone X/XS/XS Max

All repairs not requiring logic board separation: $129

  • No touch, no power, no display data recovery: $299

  • All repairs requiring logic board separation: $399

  • Water damage data recovery: $399

iPad Micro Soldering Repairs:

Game Console Repairs:

Note: In the event that we cannot repair your device, then a general diagnostic fee ($35) may be applied and the device will be returned to you.

We welcome bulk device repairs from other repair shops, please contact us for B2B pricing and turn around times. 


iPhone Motherboard Soldering Services

Micro Soldering Repair Services

Micro Soldering Repair Services

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