iPhone 7 no sound motherboard repair service

We've discovered a "signature fault" in the iPhone 7 series which results in no audio meaning no sound from the ear speakers, loud speakers or microphones. Occasionally this also triggers boot-loops, which is when the phone tries to turn on a fails the hardware check which causes the phone to reboot for an extended period of time. 

iPhone 7 no speaker icon

iPhone 7 no speaker icon

You may notice any or all of the following list of symptoms:

  • Callers can't hear you

  • Voice memos are greyed out

  • Sound doesn't record on videos

  • Siri can't hear you

  • You hear static on calls

  • Speakerphone doesn't work

  • Phone takes a very long time to boot

When installing the new Audio IC it is imperative to add a jumper to the C12 pad beneath the chip so that the faulty connection will be intact.

iphone 7 audio repair

As part of the install for the jumper between pad c12 and the adjacent component it's important to make sure the proper placement of the very thin wire. We can confirm the proper placement by taking the same chip and flipping it atop the newly installed ic and aligning the chip to see the BGA (ball grid array) under the ic. This almost allows us to "see through" the chip. Once we confirm the proper connections we can re-assemble the motherboard and test the phone

iphone 7 audio ic

If your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus exhibits these symptoms then please start a repair ticket for mail in service.

iPhone 7 Audio IC Repair Service Mail-In