iPhone 6 Backlight Repair Service

Do you have an iPhone 6 with no back light or stuck on medium brightness? 

This is a typical repair service we offer at Micro Soldering Repairs.com

A blown back light on an iPhone 6 is typically caused by a screen replacement gone wrong or a sudden drop on the phone which can damage some of the components on the backlight circuit. 

Lets take a look at the back light circuit and evaluate the possible issues and solutions to this problem.

iPhone 6 Backlight circuit


The backlight circuit on the iPhone 6 mostly consist of 3 capacitors (C1530, C1531, C1505) A diode (D1501) 3 filters, (FL2024, FL2025, FL2026) as well as a backlight driver (IC) U1502


Typically on an iPhone 6 with no backlight that needs repair, the first thing to check is the 3 capacitors to check if they are shorted to ground, this is a common problem with capacitors and can be easily replaced with a hot air station or a pair of hot tweezers. The capacitors are 2.2μ F in value and have a 0402 package size. 


If the capacitors are not shorted to ground then you should look to other components to see any obvious signs of problems. 


iPhone 6 D1501 Diode burnt

Above we can see the left side (negative) of the diode has burnt which is typically a sign of something else in the circuit that has shorted and/or failed causing the diode to smoke and burn.

iPhone 6 diode backlight smoking 

If we were to replace the diode and connect the board to power it would most likely burn again. The diode burning is only a sign of some other problem.

After checking and/or replacing the other components in the backlight circuit the next culprit can be the backlight driver (U1502) which controls the whole circuit. This integrated circuit is a BGA IC which has underfill (glue) around the chip. Once the glue has been removed and scraped away it can be heated with a hot air station to melt the solder balls under the chip.

Backlight display driver IC U1502 - Removed

Backlight display driver IC U1502 - Replaced

Backlight display driver IC U1502 - Replaced

After replacing the Backlight Driver IC we no longer have a short to ground on the circuit which restored the back-light on the iPhone 6.

If you need this iPhone 6 repair service then you can stop in our shop located at: 383 College St. Burlington, VT 05401 or use our send in repair service.