iPhone 8 Hydra (U6300) IC Replacement

iPhone 8 Charging Issues

When an iPhone 8 no longer charges, it can be the fault of many things. Typically it is the fault of the charging port, but when this is replaced and issues still exist then it may be time to look at the board.

If all the “external” parts have been replaced and tested (charging port/battery) then the fault can be related to what used to be called the Tristar, which has now been updated and renamed to the Hydra IC 1612A1 (U6300) . We can no longer use the older 1610A3B tristar which was compatible from the iPhone 7 Plus series and back.

  • A visual inspection must be performed to ensure no other damage has been done to the board such as Q3201 gas gauge MOSFET IC as seen below:

Broken gas gauge mosfet ic iphone 8

Broken gas gauge mosfet ic iphone 8

Of course the problem can also be the Tigris U3300, but by using our previous guideline to test the voltage at the battery terminal “Testing for Tristar Charging Issues” we can narrow down the problem to the charging IC.

iPhone 8 motherboard

iPhone 8 motherboard

Once we’ve removed the EMI tape covering the lower half the components we are able to view the hydra ic we wish to replace.

iPhone 8 motherboard repair

Next we must use our Quick 861DW hot air station to remove the 1612A1 NXP IC

iphone 8 microsoldering
iphone 8 tristar charging ic

Successfully removed hydra charging ic

cleaned BGA under the IC

cleaned BGA under the IC

After we have cleaned and installed a new Hydra USB logic/charging IC we can verify that we are getting proper voltage at the battery terminal using our guide from above.

Once the board has been successfully booted using the original charger port and battery and pulls between 1 and 1.5amps we can be sure the repair was properly performed and everything is functional.

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