Logic Board Micro Soldering Repair Services

Motherboards, daughter boards, circuit boards are filled with components, which are subject to failure just as much as the bigger parts like cracked screens, charger ports etc.

When these components fail or have been damaged by the user then you will need a professional to perform micro soldering repairs at the microscopic level.


With the aide of schematics, board views and donor parts these repairs are often feasible and much cheaper then the alternative which would involve replacing the whole motherboard, which sometimes can compromise the data on the device, rendering the information unreadable.


iPhone Motherboard Micro Soldering Repair

iPhone Motherboard Micro Soldering Repair


Any electronic device will contain a logic board filled with many ic's filters, capacitors, diodes, inductors and much more. All of these perform a function and if not carried out within specification then the desired function will not work.

The first rule of troubleshooting a problem with a device is to determine if its a software or hardware issue. Software problems can typically be resolved by resetting, upgrading or monitoring the device. If that still has not rectified the issue then the next step [if possible] is to use known good parts replacing the presumed failing part.

If none of that has worked then typically the problem would exist on the motherboard [aka logicboard]

During our repair process we would perform a intial examination of the device, inspect for damage externally, then proceed to viewing the board with the components under a microscope to see problems that may not have been apparent without this aide.

Burnt LVDS connector

Burnt LVDS connector

If you are in need of motherboard micro soldering repair then be sure to create a Service Repair Ticket on our site so that we can assist you with your motherboard problem(s)


If you are looking to send in devices from a business we do offer B2B rate repairs, please contact us before creating a ticket so we can facilitate the process.

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