1.) How do I send in my device for repair?

 Just follow the mail-in instructions here.

Be sure to read our Terms & Conditions before mailing in your device.

2.) How does the shipping work?

Customers are responsible for sending devices into us. After we perform the requested service on the device we will send it back to the address created on the mail in ticket (typically USPS)

If you wish to have a signature on delivery back to you then this needs to be explicitly known before we complete the repair.

3.) What is the turnaround time?

"Basic" repairs---connectors, simple backlight jobs, etc.  2-3 business days.
Complex repairs---depending on complexity and our queue can take 7-8 business days.
Data recovery: ~2 weeks.  Rush data recovery: 1 week

4.) How do I pay for the service?

After the repair is completed we will send you an invoice link to pay for the service just as you would when buying anything else online. We accept Paypal or you may simply type your information in directly. Please note that we do no save credit cards. You are paying through a payment processor and the funds are sent to us, just as any other online payment.

5.) Does my quote include return shipping?

No, in order to provide fast, secured return shipping we charge a flat rate of $9 for devices shipped back to our customers. Most addresses within the US receive our shipments back within 4-5 business days.

6.) What if the device has something else wrong with it?

  If the device you send in turns out to have an underlying secondary defect, then we will give you some options to add on a secondary repair, or receive the device back with just the primary problem fixed.   For example, if your no touch iPhone 6 is solved, but then it turns out to have a non-functional front camera flex ---this is a secondary problem and we would still bill for the original solution.

7.) How does your data recovery service work?

For data recovery, we make no guarantee that the phone itself will fully work again, although we do attempt to extract the data from the phone by repairing the logic board hardware.   For data recovery if we can get your data, we will send you back your device which may or may not be functional, or may be partially functional.  See more info at our data recovery service.

8.) What other repairs do you do?

We repair almost all electronic devices:  iPhone’s, Motorola, Samsung, LG. Start a ticket and we will let you know if we can help. The chances of a successful repair often lies in parts availability and age of the device.

9.) Do I need to send the whole phone or just motherboard?

Generally, sending as little as possible is best. If sending a mobile device for screen issues, it’s preferred to have a screen included. We stock many of the popular parts to test with but cannot have everything. If the mail-in omits a critical part that we need to test it with then the repair time would be extended due to ordering a necessary part. As always we typically do not re-assemble a device that was sent in. We will repair it as needed and send it back fixed. We are NOT responsible for any customer damage when re-assembling, as typically this is why it was sent to us in the first place. In some cases a reassembly may be needed to test and/or prove a successful repair although our work does not cover anything beyond what we did and/or provided sub-par parts.

10.) What kind of warranty do you provide?

We offer a 60 day warranty on any board work that we have done.  Future liquid or drop damage is excluded. Previous repair attempts may void the warranty. Be sure to read our Terms & Conditions

11.) What is "Micro Soldering" and do I need it?

We have written an in-depth article explaining what micro soldering is and what's involved, check it out: here

12.) I'm nervous about sending my phone to you, how do I know that you won't just part it out?

We have a very solid reputation in the repair community.  Check out a recent article on Motherboard.Vice  We encourage you to read our many customer reviews on Facebook and check out our over 3,000 positive feedback ratings on eBay.   Check out our reviews on Yelp, and watch what we do on our YouTube channel. See our Right to Repair Story