iPhone 6S Plus Half Backlight Repair

Struggling to see your iPhone 6S Plus with a half backlight?

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iPhone dim top corner repair

iPhone dim top corner repair


  • Typically we see iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus with a half backlight due to the phone needing, not one, but two anode backlight circuits. With one anode backlight gone out, it effectively shuts off half of the led light strip in the backlight panel. This is not as typical with other phones with backlights, such as an iPhone 6 when something as simple as a single blown backlight filter or shorted capacitor can cause the whole screen to be black vs a half backlight which is much more rare in the smaller size phones. 
6s half backlight


In order to check which anode circuit is faulty or failing a few methods are used. 

  • Checking the backlight filters for continuity is the best first step.

If all the back light display filters have continuity then it's important to look for other signs of failure. 

iPhone 6S Plus Burned Board

Above we can see an iPhone 6S Plus that was mailed into us for repair  which has some burning above the lcd fpc connection which is cause for concern. 

After checking the [burned] filter for continuity which was compromised we later find that the "via" which is used to connect the layers of the board to other components was also charred and needed micro jumpers externally above the board to the respective components in the circuit. 


iPhone 6S Plus Backlight mail in service.