iPhone 6 Plus Touch Disease Repairs

Do you own an iPhone 6 Plus and suffer from no touch or flashing gray lines? Have you tried to bring your phone to a repair shop and they were unable to fix the problem.

iPhone 6 Plus Touch IC Repair Service

Wires Computing and Micro Soldering Repairs have teamed up to offer this repair service to anyone affected by this "epidemic"

iPhone 6 Plus Touch Disease Repair Service by Wires Computing. Contact us today (802)448-0403 | www.wirescomputing.com

The repair process involves disassembling the iPhone and removing the motherboard to access the touch IC's that reside on the back of the logic board. 

iPhone 6 plus touch ic repair

Once the motherboard has been removed, the next step is to use a hot air station to carefully remove the Meson U2402 integrated circuit. 

iPhone 6 plus meson ic repair

Once the Meson IC is removed, its best to clean the pads with leaded solder to remove the manufactured-applied unleaded solder. 

iphone 6 plus meson ic repair

After the pads have been cleaned and prepped for a new IC, its time to add some flux so the new pre-balled IC has better luck sticking to the solder pads.

Once we align and reflow a new Meson IC to the motherboard, we will affix a "future-proof" shield by soldering a metal shield onto the housing so it strengthens the area around the touch ic's. This will lessen the chance that the device will come back for any more issues. 

iphone 6 plus future proof shield

After cleaning and testing the motherboard after re-assembly. We monitor the touch with a special program to calibrate the screen. Once we confirm the phone is fully functional again and regained touch sensitivity on the screen we will mark the repair as successful.

If you need your iPhone 6 plus repaired be sure to create a ticket to mail the device in.