Sony Z3V Micro USB Port Repair

The Sony Z3V Mobile Phone is a great android device with some nice features including a high quality camera with flash, as well as some stellar water resistant features.

IP (Ingress Protection) rating

IP65/IP68 – what does it mean? IP rating is a test certification to measure a device’s resistance levels to both dust and water. The first digit in the two-digit IP rating indicates the level of protection against solid objects, including tiny dust particles. The second digit indicates how resistant the device is to water.

*In compliance with IP65 and IP68, the Xperia Z3v is protected against the ingress of dust and is waterproof. Provided that all ports and covers are firmly closed, the phone is (i) dust-tight and (ii) protected against low-pressure jets of water from all practicable directions in compliance with IP65; and/or (iii) can be kept under 4.9 ft of fresh water for up to 30 minutes, in compliance with IP68. Abuse and/or improper use of the device will invalidate warranty. For more information, visit

Snap away with a waterproof smartphone

With the waterproof Xperia Z3v, you can take pictures with the best smartphone camera while swimming in fresh water for up to 30 minutes. You can even dive up to 4.9 feet with it. Just remember that all the covers for the micro USB port, the micro SIM slot, and the memory card slot must be firmly closed.

sony z3v


One problem known to the Sony Z3V owners is that the micro usb port is often times subject to failure after being plugged in and unplugged many times over the life of the device.

Given the liquid resistance features the phones micro usb charging port is embedded into the device a bit more than normal causing the broken pins and port problems many are familiar with.

Here at Micro Soldering Repairs we often come across broken ports on this model for various reasons. No matter how it was caused we are able to diagnose and replace the broken charger port with ease.

To get your sony xperia z3v charger port repaired be sure to create a service repair ticket on our site and we'll gladly fix your device for you.

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