Samsung Galaxy Tab screen flicker, random restarts

Do you own a Samsung Galaxy Tab and suffer from: screen flickering, screen freezes, and/or random shutdown/restarts?

If so then you are not alone! This is a typical problem faced by many tablet owners alike!

The exact reason for this is unknown currently but many speculate it has to do with the bigger size of the tablet which allows the device to bend ever so slightly and crack the solder joints on the circuit board between the tiny pads and traces leading up to them into the JNTC connector.

                                            Samsung Tablet battery connector

                                            Samsung Tablet battery connector


Q: Is this problem avoidable?

A: The short answer is not really. The long answer is that its possible to be very gentle using the device, not ever throwing it onto a bed or tablet aggressively or leaving it in a hot or extreme cold environment.

By subjecting the device to this then you are potentially causing the solder joints to break and/or crack which will in turn cause many problems while trying to use the device normally. 



Q: Can I get this fixed?

A: Absolutely! Here at Micro Soldering Repairs we are often aware of typical device problems such as this and have tested and proven repair methods. In this case it involves either replacing the battery terminal connector, and/or re-flowing the solder by using a micro soldering station and hot air to flow more solder into the pins. During this process we are also adding more solder to strengthen the connection on the logic board to lessen the chance of re-occurrence. 

If you have tried to update the software on the device and the tablet is still exhibiting the problems mentioned above then you may need a micro soldering repair service performed by the professionals.

Feel free to create a repair service ticket and send it into us for repair.

This service typically takes only 2-3 business days and is warrantied for 60 days.

**Please note that previous repair attempts as well as other damage(s) to the device may change repair times as well as any warranty provided.**

Samsung Galaxy Tablet Mail-In Service