Nexus 5 Boot Looping Power Button Repair

If you've had or have a LG Nexus 5 and it occassiconly boot loops (turning off and turning back on again) or being stuck on the Google Logo at boot. Then you've been a "victim" of a common fault with the power buttons on the motherboard.

                                                            Nexus 5 Motherboard

                                                            Nexus 5 Motherboard

As shown above with an image of a Nexus 5 motherboard, with the power button circled in red.

After being pressed almost 50-100 times a day the button understandably wears out and of causes erratic behavior such as the screen not turning on. Phone randomly rebooting, phone stuck at google logo, boot looping, can all be related to the hardware power button.


The fix involves using a hot air station to heat up the board and melt the solder enough to easily remove the push button switch, then use micro soldering tools to install a new replacement power button.

If your nexus 5 exhibits any of the above issues then feel free to create a service repair ticket on our site and mail it into us for repair. We typically have replacement power buttons in stock and repairs take 2-3 business days.

Nexus 5 Mail in repair service